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The Pirate of Janaconda Island:

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“Advanced elementary to middle school readers will appreciate the intrigue and mystery which permeate this realistic story of two kids who find more trouble than they'd bargained for when they embark on a treasure hunt that places them at odds with other searchers. Dialogue is well done, adult interventions and actions juxtapose nicely with the siblings' efforts, and young readers will become immersed in a series of puzzling clues that are riveting and keep readers guessing until the end. Unlike some treasure-oriented mysteries for kids, Warren Firschein rounds out his story with adult purposes and perspectives and a realistic approach where the kids don't always act independently, but have steady interactions with parents and outsiders alike. The result is an engrossing mystery highly recommended for kids who live for tales of treasure and intrigue.”  

Out of Synch:

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Out of Synch is, right away, in a class of its own.”

 “Part of the joy of reading Out of Synch is that it exudes passion and struggle . . . . Details on the sport of synchronized swimming are specific and real, teammate and family interactions are realistic and absorbing, and readers will find in Katie an inspiring figurehead for their own desires to buck outside pressures and understand the differences between realizing a dream and tackling impossible odds.”   

Kirkus Reviews:   

Engaging . . . a fun read . . . . A winning protagonist and good pacing.”  “Debut novelist Firschein succeeds on some important fronts. Katie is a charming and relatable protagonist . . . and the narrative, following a familiar sports-story template, has good momentum.” 


Judy McGowan, President, USA Synchro:

Out of Synch is a must read for  anyone in our sport and especially for all of the young girls whose passion is synchronized swimming.  When I read Out of Synch, I was struck by the author's exceptional use of descriptive language.  It puts the reader into Katie's body experiencing the joys of  moving in the water and the obstacles one goes through as they work  toward their goal.   Hopefully it will inspire other young swimmers to  "get in synch".  

Interview with Sporty Girl Books Blog   

Review by Sahara Becker, The Odyssey Online  

“This book is fast-paced and action-packed and will keep the reader hooked from the first page to the last . . . . Out of Synch  will resonate with many audiences and I recommend it to young athletes, parents, and anyone looking to learn more about synchronized swimming. Firschein’s rich character development and hard-driving narrative shows the importance of goal-setting and pushing past obstacles to achieve your dreams. It gives the reader a good look inside the mind of a young athlete and will help parents understand the strength and commitment many young athletes have for their sports.”  

Reader testimonials for Out of Synch:

“I loved the book and I could really connect to it because I am a member of the Tallahassee Serinas Synchronized Swimming Team . . . . I was so excited to read it! The whole team is basically in line to read it! I couldn't put it down!”  --reader Lauren B.   

“I highly recommend this book for anyone, but especially anyone who is thinking about giving up. This book does a good job of showing you that if you just hold onto your dream, anything can happen.” --reader Jordan (via Goodreads)