Questions and Answers

From time to time, I'll be posting responses to questions posed by some of my readers. 

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Q:  How long did it take you to write "Out of Synch"?   

A:  I started writing Out of Synch in November 2012, and entered my final edits in November 2014, so the best answer is probably around two years. But I didn't spend that entire time on this story.  I took some time away in the middle to co-write "A Brief History of Safety Harbor, Florida," which was published by The History Press in the fall of 2013.  Also, even though I didn't start actually writing until November 2012, I had been thinking about the plot and the characters for probably two months before that. Writing a story takes a long time.   

Q:  How did you think of the story for "Out of Synch"?   

A:  Like many other stories, Out of Synch is partly based on personal experience. My older daughter has been a competitive synchronized swimmer for several years, and, like Katie, she trains with a swim team (racing) on days when there is no synchro practice.  Like most people, I knew nothing about the sport when she started, but after a few years I realized that there was a good story in the excitement of the sport and drive of the athletes. At first, I planned to write about the team's attempt to reach Nationals, but I soon focused on the story of one girl--Katie's story.  Some of the smaller details are based on my daughter's own experiences, but parts I made up. However, I tried my best to stay true to the sport and describe what happens at the meets as accurately as possible.    

Q:  I love "Out of Synch."  Will you write another book about synchronized swimming?   

A:  At present, I'm not planning to write a follow-up novel.  If I did, however, I think I'd like to focus on her teammate Tess. I'm very curious to find out what happens to her after Out of Synch ends.     

Q:  Will "Out of Synch" be made into a movie?    

A:  I hope so!  Do you know any movie producers?   


Q: Will there be more stories about Lucy and Paddy?

A: You will hear more from Lucy and Paddy, but a publication date has not yet been set for their next adventure.